Why Us

Our target is to build smart with excellence.

Target Homes WA is setting a higher standard of residential building through professional processes and client satisfaction.

Our university qualified construction and engineering staff employ best practises to build homes to a high standard, efficiently and in a working relationship with all of our clients.

What Makes Us Different?

Professional Programming

All of our clients receive a gantt chart for their home.

These are useful to ensure that construction is going ahead as planned. Any and all individual activities that make up part of the project are completed in the right sequence and checked for quality and accuracy which accelerates the project towards completion.

For every project, we uses Microsoft Project time line to generate Construction schedule (Gantt Charts) for the following functions:

  • Understand construction time frames and visualise critical path
  • Set baselines for project scope, budget and schedule
  • Track project progress after kicking off

On-Site Meetings With The Directors & Construction Manager

If you build with a big volume builder, chances are the directors and construction manager will never set foot on your block or inspect your home during construction.

At Target Homes WA we’re different.

We work with each of our clients to conduct meeting on site with senior personnel – so you know your home is getting the attention it deserves from the people in our business who are capable of making decisions and providing you with the right advice, always.

Attention to Detail

Our directors are qualified engineers and have backgrounds working in engineering. The discipline of high attention to detail in every area is ingrained in the way we do things at Target Homes WA.

You’ll notice the different right from the very first meeting.

We’re friendly, professional and highly organised, making your building journey smoother and more enjoyable in every way.